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Conversation features

Communicate better with these handy conversation features.

  • Learn how to use these built-in features
  • Discover how to attach and send files
  • Create events, tasks, notes, and snippets
  • RingCentral App for Desktop

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    Learn how to use the Call, Message, and Meet features within the RingCentral App easily. To get started, check out our guides below, or watch our videos.

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    User guide

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    logging in with phone number video thumbnail

    Logging in with Phone Number

    creating teams video thumbnail

    Creating Teams

    faxing from the ringcentral app video thumbnail

    Faxing from the RingCentral App

    install on windows video thumbnail

    Installing on Windows

    install on a mac video thumbnail

    Install on a Mac

    utilizing task management video thumbnail

    Utilizing Task Management

    managing teams video thumbnail

    Managing Teams

    locating bookmarking messages video thumbnail

    Locating and Bookmarking Messages

    Conversation Features video thumbnail

    Conversation Features

    using favorites video thumbnail

    Using Favorites

    updating conversation preferences video thumbnail

    Updating Conversation Preferences

    Launchings Meetings video thumbnail

    Launching Meetings

    Sending Messages through the RingCentral App video thumbnail

    Sending Messages through the RingCentral App

    RingCentral App for Mobile

    Chat in real time anytime, anywhere, from any device

    Connect with individuals, create teams, bring remote workers together, or build relationships with customers. Getting work done together has never been this easy, fast, or free.

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    Quick Start Guide

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    ringcentral app for mobile overview video thumbnail


    log in using sso video thumbnail

    Log in using Single Sign-On

    log in using google account video thumbnail

    Log in using Google Account

    log in using email video thumbnail

    Log in using Email

    log in using phone number video thumbnail

    Log in using Phone Number

    calling thumbnail


    faxing video thumbnail


    sending messages video thumbnail

    Sending Messages

    paging video thumbnail


    Sending an SMS video thumbnail

    Sending an SMS

    Setting up Basic Settings video thumbnail

    Setting up Basic Settings

    Parking a Call video thumbnail

    Parking a Call

    Checking Your Call Logs video thumbnail

    Checking Your Call Logs

    Using Meetings video thumbnail

    Using Meetings

    Configuring Your Notification Settings video thumbnail

    Configuring Your Notification Settings

    Using Messaging Functions video thumbnail

    Using Messaging Functions

    Using RingOut video thumbnail

    Using RingOut

    checking voicemail video thumbnail

    Checking your Voicemail