RingCentral Contact Center Studio

Introduction to Studio

An all-in-one tool that fits all your routing strategy needs

  • Learn more about Studio's benefits
  • Familiarize yourself with available contact center channels
  • Get an overview of the Studio layout to prepare for training
  • IVR routing made easy for you

    RingCentral Contact Center Studio is an application that easily allows you to create, edit, and maintain your IVR routing within your contact center.

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    Introduction to Studio video thumbnail

    Introduction to Studio

    Accessing Studio video thumbnail

    Accessing Studio

    Updating Hours of Operation video thumbnail

    Updating Hours of Operation

    Trimming Announcements video thumbnail

    Trimming Announcements

    Changing Hold Music video thumbnail

    Changing Hold Music

    Text to Speech Prompts video thumbnail

    Text to Speech Prompts

    Managing Recording Prompts video thumbnail

    Managing Recording Prompts